About Us

Kirkee Cantonment is one of the oldest Cantonments in India, having its own place in history. On 5th November 1817, the battle of Kirkee (Kirkee) was fought between the Marathas and the British on the ground covering the present day town. It was established in the year 1817. Kirkee Cantonment covers an area of 3207.3394 acres of land. In 1939, when the Second World War began, Kirkee was called the Home Of Ordnance since both the Kirkee Arsenal and the I.A.O.C. School were located here.

Kirkee Cantonment has a varied mix of important units and establishments, like, BEG and Centre, CAFVD, 512 Army Base Workshop, College of Military Engineering,  Ammunition Factory, High Explosives Factory and New AU & RC,  Archival Unit of Defence Estates, Southern Command.
Kirkee is a Class I Cantonment (Population 70399) located at a height of 559.91 M. above the sea level having a moderate climate.


The general vision of the KCB is discharging all functions and Performing all duties as required under the Cantonments Act, 2006 and any other Law for the time being in force to the optimum satisfaction of the end users, the general public, subject of course, to the complete compliance with the provisions of the LAW of the land.


To educate and persuade the staff of the KCB about their law bound duties and the need for their performing the same with due diligence and utmost devotion so as to leave no or little room for the general public to remind them of their duties and complain about their failure to perform the same.
Similarly to educate and persuade the general public about the duties they are bound by law to perform in greater public interest so that the officers/officials of the KCB get no or less opportunity to resort to legal recourse to enforce Law.
One who has the right to complain about the cleanliness of the dust-bin shall be made aware of his corresponding duty not to let the garbage litter around the dustbin but to dump it in the dustbin only.


● To uphold the true values of Democracy and eliminate the illusive existence of the ruled and the rulers.
● To ensure clean and green environment in the Cantonment area.
● To strive to be the best among equals as Municipal Service providers.
● To promote the welfare of residents of all ages and stages viz. children, youth and elders.
● To strive for excellence in the upkeep of general health and sanitation