Civil Roads

The total length of roads in the Cantonment area is 39.15 Kms. These are maintained by different agencies as per details given below :-

Most of the Cantonment Board roads are well maintained and an amount of Rs.2 to 3 crore is spent by the Board annually on road maintenance. There has, however, been a persistent demand from the public for the Board to maintain some important roads which though belonging to the MES are used as public roads such as Mula Road, Bombay-Pune-Highway, Nehru Road, Park Road etc. It is, therefore, proposed to take up the maintenance & repair of such roads (with no objection from the respective/concerned authorities and sanction of the GOC-in-C). In this connection, necessary provision in the Revised Budget Estimate has been made accordingly.

In addition to the above Cantonment Board has provided and maintaining the footpaths on all major roads irrespective of the ownership of the roads.

Maintained by –

KCB – 21.00 Kms

MES – 15.00 Kms

PWD – 0.90 Kms

PMC – 2.25 Kms

TOTAL – 39.15 Kms