Information Technology

Rakshabhoomi – Defence Land Management Software

“Rakshabhoomi” is being used as Land Management Software. Initially it was developed by NIC, Chennai & DGDE jointly. Now RB 5.0 version is being used as centrally controlled in all DGDE establishments such as 62 CBs, 37 DEOs and 06 Commands and DGDE office.

Public Grievance Redressal Software – Samadhaan

This office is using ‘Samadhan’ since beginning i.e. from 2012 itself very successfully. Now this office has enabled Samadhan portal through its office website also. The success ratio is around 80%+.

Employee Utility Software – Suvidha

This software is developed in house and is used for employees for their office related information such as Provident Fund, Salary details etc.

File Management Software (FMS) for Cantt Board Record Room

This software is used for File Management System in Kirkee Cantonment Board. It gives you unique location off particular file

Digitization of Defence Land Record

This office has already digitized 4500+ Lands and other office records as per SoP provided by DGDE office.