President Of the Board

Brig D G Patwardhan

The Station Commander of the Army is the Ex-officio President of the Cantonment Board. At present Brig Patwardhan, is the President of the Cantonment Board Kirkee.

DUTIES OF THE PRESIDENT (Section-21 of the Cantonments Act, 2006):

1) It shall be the duty of the President of every Board –
● Unless prevented by reasonable cause, to convene and preside at all meetings of the Board and to regulate the conduct of business there at
● To control, direct and supervise the financial and executive administration of the Board
● To perform all the duties and exercise all the powers specifically imposed or conferred on the President by or under this Act
● Subject to any restrictions, limitations and conditions imposed by this Act, to exercise executive power for the purpose of carrying out the provisions of this Act, and to be directly responsible for the fulfillment of the purpose of this Act
● In case of gross misconduct during the course of meeting, to suspend a member other than a Chief Executive Officer from attending the unconcluded part of the meeting of the Board
2) The President may, by order in writing, empower the Vice-President to exercise all or any of the powers and duties referred to in Class(b) of sub-section (1) other than any power, duty or function which he is by resolution of the Board expressly forbidden to delegate.
3) The exercise or discharge of any powers, duties or functions delegated by the President under this section shall be subject to such restrictions, limitations and conditions, if any, as may be laid down by the President and to the control of, and to revision by the President.
4) Every order made under sub-section (2) shall forthwith be communicated to the Board and to the General Officer Commanding-in-Chief, the Command.

The President Cantonment Board is conferred powers under the provisions of the Cantonments Act 2006, as under -

1 19 Who shall be the President, Cantt.Board
2 26 Sanction of works and act in emergency
3 27 Preparation of Electoral Rolls where the Board is not constituted.
4 56 Power to override decision of Board
5 285 Power to permit the sale of spirituous liquor or intoxicating drugs.
6 288 Permitting sale of articles for medicinal purposes.
7 128 Execution of Contracts
8 169 Power to order destruction of infectious hut or shed.
9 173 Power to order destruction of infectious clothing, bedding or other articles.
10 183 Power to exclude from Cantonment persons refusing to attend Hospital or Dispensary.
11 283 Under this section the President CantonmentBoard,Vice- President, Chief Executive Officer, Health Officer, Asstt. Health Officer or any other officer or servant of the Board authorized by the Board, enjoy powers of entry and seizure in respect of any market, building, shop, stall or other places in the Cantonment for the purpose of inspecting any animals, article or thing for human food or drink or medicine, etc.
12 299 Power to order removal of Brothels and Prostitutes
13 301 Power to order removal of lewd person from Cantonment.
14 303 Power to order removal and exclusion from Cantonment of seditious person.
15 305 Under this section the President Cantonment Board, Vice- President, Chief Executive Officer, Health Officer, Asstt. Health Officer or any other person authorized by the CEO or the HO enjoy powers to enter into or upon any building or and to make any enquiry, inspection, measurement, valuation or survey, etc.
16 317 Every notice, order or requisition issued by the Board under this Act or any rule or bye-laws shall be signed either by the PCB or the CEO or members of any Committee especially authorized by the Board.
17 338 Legal Protection

Under Rule 69 of the Cantonment Account Code, 1924, the President Cantonment Board can in all emergency, sanction supplementary estimates of Stores and place before the Board for approval.