Brief Description

Sanitation department of Kirkee Cantonment Board is providing following activities:

● Maintenance of hygiene and Sanitation of Cantonment area and make necessary arrangement as directed by Assistant Health Officer, after inspection of the Cantonment Board area.

● Disposal of rubbish and garbage. Special provision for collection of rubbish and Solid Waste Management.  Cleaning of roads, drains, public latrines & urinals daily in civil area as well as providing Conservancy services to Army and Ordinance factory areas.

● Daily cleaning of all Boards’ schools, Hospital and Market area.  Night shift cleaning work is carried on Bazaar area.

● Daily cleaning of slaughter house.

● Deputing Garbage lifting vehicle for collection of garbage/waste from all Civil, Army and Ordinance Factory area.

● Usage Suction vehicle for cleaning of septic tank. Disposal of night soil, lifting and disposal of dead animals.

● Provision of potable drinking water to the residents of the Cantonment area through water tanker and Stationary water browsers as per the requirement of water on various occasion/functions for residents.

● Mutton van and Beef van vehicle facility for transportation of meat from slaughter house to market.

Extra activities like

● Effective Disaster Management through Teams.

● Participation in Swachha Survekshan activities undertaken by Ministry and necessary cleaning activities for the same.

● Participation in ODF & ODF ++ Certification process and making necessary arrangement for the same.

● Inspection of shops, eateries, hotels and restaurant  for providing Trade License.

● Providing Fire brigade facility of the Board in Cantonment as well as nearby areas, Control stray dogs and animals through Neutralization, snake catching and assistant police department for recover of dead bodies from the river.

● Trimming of dangerous trees and tree branches. Survey of dilapidated houses.

● Plantation of various types of plants and trees in vacant area for beautification of Cantonment area

● Implementation on Ban of plastic bags,Removal of water hyacinth. Issue notices to illegal hawkers/traders.

● Collection of penalty for causing public nuisances (such as creating insanitation, illegal hoardings, use of any premises for any trade without previous permission of CEO. smoke.  Utilization of GeM portal for hiring of Labours and purchase of vehicles. Execution of agreement with contractor for civil area and Army area. Execution of Conservancy Agreement  with Stn. Headquarters and  Ammunition Factory Khadki.